Buddhism is always against violence. Otherwise it’s not Buddhism.

Each individual has many facets. Generalizations don’t do sufficient justice to that fact. Most people want good neighbourhood relations with everyone. We do too.

There are different points of view within the Friends Button campaign. The following points are meant to illustrate the common approach we have found for now.


What we don’t need:

  • The Friends Button Campaign categorically rejects the idea that violence against Muslims should be justified in the name of Buddhism.
  • Furthermore, we see no need for diffuse, generalized assessments of religions and cultures. We feel that some media and some Buddhists express views that fuel conflicts unnecessarily.

We get along well:

  • The Friends Button is intended to signal that we, i.e. Buddhists, pro-Buddhists, ex-Buddhists, anti-Buddhists, Dualists, non-Dualists, neither-Dualists-nor-non-Dualists, Christians, Realists, Muslims... and even ordinary people generally get along well with each other.
  • First and foremost, differences of opinion should remain within a non-violent framework. Nobody needs moods heated up for no reason. We want good relationships to continue or increase.

This is not our area of expertise:

  • This campaign is not a statement of religious content. There are many different interpretations within most ancient religions. It may be good and important to discuss that circumstance, but it is not the subject of this neighbourhood initiative.
  • This is not a political campaign directed against any individuals or groups.
  • The Friends Button Campaign belongs to no one. It has its origins in the perception that, to an extent, the tone of public opinion is becoming more threatening and biased. This reflects neither the perception of the majority of Buddhists nor that of the majority of Muslims, but rather puts peaceful coexistence at risk without thinking about consequences.

Money is not a factor. You can participate in postage or production costs as much as you like or not at all. Everything is organized on a donation basis. We distribute the buttons we have for as long as stocks last. When we run out, you can order the buttons on the same website or elsewhere. Or make your own. We can provide you with links and templates and you are welcome to modify them as needed.


No copyright. No general terms and conditions. No cookies. No nonsense.


We thank everyone for their interest and input in thinking about what to do in such a situation. You realize how strong spiritualized Buddhists’ sense of mission is when you start a campaign like the Friends Button. Currently we can’t take any further feedback on content into account, as we are already up to our ears with the practical aspects alone. But we think it’s good if others take action of their own: that will represent the different facets even better.


Note from the webmaster: The translations were obtained from different sources but the people on this side do not necessarily speak them. However, if you find the theme or idea of interest, you can contact us, preferably in English or German at the following email address: friends-buttons@web.de

We would look forward to hearing from you and are open to let you design the space in your language with content relevant to your situation.